Why book flights as a group?

Full payment is not required up front to book your group; we can hold the spaces that you need while you continue working on the logistics of your trip.

What is the minimum group size?

Negotiated group fares are available to groups of 10 people or more.

What if my group is less than 10 travelers?

We can still help you to find the best published individual fares.

What is the amount of deposit required?

Deposits can range from $50-$200 depending on the airline and the destination.

Is my deposit refundable?

In most cases your deposit may be refundable if you cancel your group before the utilization date expressed in the agreement. Some airlines may have a non-refundable deposit policy.

Does my initial fare offered ever change?

Airlines don’t guarantee taxes and fuel charges; unpredictable external factors may drive the fuel costs and other taxes which could lead to a fare increase, however we work with the airlines to try to keep the same fares.

Can I reduce or increase the number of travelers in my group?

You may be able to reduce your group free of charge before the utilization date expressed in the agreement; any reduction after the utilization date will be subject to a penalty which in most case is the deposit per person, if the whole group gets cancelled after utilization date the full deposit amount will be forfeited. You may also increase the number of people in your group; however the same fare as the one initially contracted is not guaranteed.

When do I need to submit the names and final payment?

Final names and payment is usually set 60 days prior to departure unless otherwise noted. Some airlines have different requirements for names and final payment so make sure you check your contract.  Also, a standard name list will be sent for you to fill it out accordingly.

What are the acceptable forms of payment?

We accept credit cards, checks and even wire transfers however due to some airlines’ particular policies we might be forced to accept check or wire transfers only; this will be described in your agreement.

Is my ticket refundable?

Once your tickets have been issued they are not refundable; some airlines allow you to get a future credit for the unused ticket that could be applied towards future trips, some restrictions apply.

What if a participant drops out?

With most airlines you are allowed to do one free name change for a limited amount of tickets in your group, and it could be done up to 1 week prior to flight departure.

Will I earn flyer mileage on my ticket?

Most contracts do allow individual travelers to accrue their personal frequent flyer miles, in order to accumulate those miles you must let us know in advance to include your frequent flyer number in the reservation.

Can I upgrade my class of service?

With most airlines upgrades are available for an additional fee. You can manage your reservation online once is ticketed or we can help you to do the upgrade directly from our reservation system.

Can I choose my seats and my meal?

If you have any special need or request for an specific seat please be sure to inform us prior to ticketing since seat assignment might not be available after ticketing, and it is the same case with meals as long as the meal is offered by the airline.

What if someone wants to come back from a different city on a different date (deviation)?

Most airlines allow deviations as long as the traveler has one segment in common with the rest of the group, some restrictions may apply.

What is the baggage policy?

It is recommendable to visit the official Airline’s website to check the latest baggage allowance policy and avoid unexpected expenses. You may also contact your travel agent for more information.

Do I need a passport or a visa to travel?

It is the group’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate documentation for the trip; this may include passports and visas depending on your destination. For more information you may visit this web.

I saw a lower fare available online versus what I was quoted through Group Reservations. Can I get the web site price in my Group reservation?

Instant Purchase Fares seen online and Group fares differ in many ways, and each offers its own unique benefits. The best option for you is determined on your travel needs. Instant Purchase Fares usually have limited quantities available. There may not be enough seats at the same price for your whole group. Instant Purchase Fares tend to work best for small parties that don’t need much flexibility in their travel plans. Group fares work best for parties of ten or more who may require flexibility with name changes and payments.

If your small party is ready with a complete name list and full payment you can opt for the Instant Purchase Fares available for individual travelers. Please note this option does not allow name changes or any of the group benefits.

One or more passengers in my Group require special assistance. What do I do?

Submit a special request via the Special Request Form and a Group Reservations Customer Representative will be happy to assist you.

If there is an emergency with my flight what should I do?

Call us on our Emergency Line: 1-888-551-1352. Panorama staff is available for emergencies 24 hours a day. Panorama offers an after-hours emergency number to assist with unexpected travel issues, this number is provided exclusively for Alternative Breaks travel and one of our team members will be ready to assist in any and every way possible.