A microcosm of sensations and flavors in the center of the world: that is Ecuador. A unique country where they fuse all cultures, peoples and landscapes of Latin America to form the most perfect mix of food, culture, and hospitality.

Ecuador is the place where life has expressed its majesty through a variety of colors, sounds, smells and taste. Here in the center of the world, the people who make this small country, have decided that the way to keep a sustainable paradise is in their hands. The commitment goes beyond trying to reduce waste and conserve the environment.

This small country is located in the northwest of South America, and is crossed by the equator. It is divided into 4 regions: Galapagos, Coast, Andes and Amazon.

It is one of the 17 world’s most diverse countries. You can take a cruise, practice adventure sports or relax at a spa. Maybe visit a museum, enjoy a festival or taste a typical dish on heritage cities and towns. Ecuador is surrounded by mountains and glaciers, jungles and forests, thousands of species of flora and fauna, beaches and sea, and unique islands.